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Anyone who has bought real estate in Belize will tell you it’s a complicated process, especially if you’re not a citizen of Belize and unfamiliar with Belize law. As a full-service real estate company with legal affiliations and experience in Belize, we provide our clients with  a comprehensive range of services to ensure their real estate goal is accomplished. 

Real Estate Law

If you are looking to buy your own piece of paradise in Belize, you’ll need to make sure you have a Belize real estate experienced professional that will make sure to protect your interests and guide you in avoiding any problems or setbacks that may arise during the closing process.
Our experienced team of Belize real estate professionals, including our legal team, are well-versed in all forms of Belize land titles including Land Certificates, Deeds of Conveyance, and Transfer Certificates of Title.

We offer a comprehensive range of services

General Property Purchases
It’s essential for any person who wishes to acquire property in Belize to gain legal representation from a reputable Belize real estate lawyer.
Strata (Condominium) Titles
Strata titles, also known as flying freeholds, come with some technical concerns that needs to be carefully assessed by a legal advisor.
Escrow Services
Escrow services are now a standard part of real estate transactions in Belize.
We have extensive experience with landlord and tenant lease contracts.

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