Is Investing In Small Nations The Way To Go Right Now?

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The way I see it, perhaps now investors should rethink their business strategy so as not to find themselves walking the tightrope. Take a good look at the countries hardest hit and still hurting by this Pandemic. Spread your risks to ensure continuity and sustainability for businesses. To do so, Look at the geographic location of other countries and their accessibility to the global reach. Study how they fare in moments of global crises. Small nations are misconstrued as not coping well, but oftentimes, they are the diamond in the mix. 

They can be viable investment candidates that can now be investors’ alternative to consider.  Investors can learn lessons  from what existed and sound decisions can be taken in reshaping/relocating their operations. It is prudent not to put all their eggs in one basket as it is evident how this virus has crippled many businesses. Plan with good alternative backup. 

The positive side is it can be a win/win situation for both the investor and the country.  Look at Belize for instance: a small nation in Central America, coping extraordinarily well in the current circumstance in comparison to its large neighbors. Apart from its abundant natural beauty, for the Investor, their  investment benefits are numerous: Attractive fiscal  incentives,

No restrictions on foreigners owning property, Smooth transition in owning real estate with expert guidance, Belizean Residency can be acquired under its Qualified Retirement Program, just to name a few.  For the country, the investment contributes to its economic development, increases the country´s GDP and National Revenue, induces economic prosperity, and improved social welfare overall.  It’s worth thinking about!!!

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